Safety of night photography

There is nothing worths more than your life. Therefore, Safety is one of the most important topic in night photography. Here are some suggestions to keep yourself safe.

Go with a buddy

There are many unknowns at night, especially in country side. A buddy can help you if you get into trouble, like getting lost. You can also get ideas from their pictures too(if they love photography too). Going with 2-4 people is the best group size, so the spot will not be too crowded.

Bring a map

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If you are going to places you are not familar, a map will help you a lot. If you use a map with a GPS device, it will be perfect.

Bring two light sources

Light sources like torches are important at night. It helps you to find your way at night. It is a good tool for light painting too. I suggest you to bring two light sources, in case if one fails, you still got another one.

Torches are also a good tool for call for help. If you got a torch with flashing function, it will be perfect.


It is a very important step. The main things you have to research is:

How to get to home from the place you shoot?(It is also important to check the Schedule of the buses, because service hour of buses in country side is usually shorter.)

Hidden dangers

If you can go to the place your are going to shoot at daytime, it will be perfect!